John Frels – Mortgage Guru

Natalie is AMAZING at what she does!
If you are trying to promote your business…Natalie is the person to call!
Handling all of the nuances of Social Media in itself is a FULL TIME JOB! So stop beating your head against the wall…let a professional handle it for you…and then you can focus on what YOU DO BEST!


Terry Ribb

I have led branding and marketing for both large organizations and visionary start-ups, and I’m always on the lookout for creative professionals who have that natural instinct for designing and branding a unique customer experience. In all my years, Natalie is the most natural talent I’ve found.

Natalie understands the new generation of lifestyle spenders and the potential of a local lifestyle brand. She puts the two together with branding, local marketing, community events, and customer relationship programs. All with one goal in mind: seasonal spending on all the brand has to offer.

I highly recommend Natalie, and her unique marketing service, to take local businesses to the next level.




Naomi J. Hardy

Speaker- Relationship Coach

Shooting Star Promotions has given life to my voice on Social Media! Thank you Natalie for using my words to spread my message and movement on effective relationships. Thanks to you I am visible, my numbers and engagement online have quadrupled and still growing. I am unstoppable!



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Kimberly Addelman

Village Home Sales – Realtor

Natalie has been an integral part in increasing my social media presence. She is not only talented- but awesome to work with!

She is a great team member to have as I take my business to the next level! Thank you Natalie!



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Judith Barker

Divine Healer

Natalie is a superstar! I am technically challenged, including social media.  I had originally hired someone to start all my business presence on social media. She was doing that for about a year, and I was getting no traction whatsoever.  No one was seeing any of my posts nor looking at my website. Within months of hiring Shooting Star Promotions, I started to have a following. Now, people all over the world follow my posts, comment on them, and even ask for service.  Natalie does everything for me including typing the postings, checking comments and inquiries, and then letting me know if I need to respond (as I don’t understand how to do any of that).  I let her know my reply, and she does the rest. Thank you Natalie!!!