Top 3 Benefits of Using Hashtags

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Hashtags are just as important as your posts.

Have you ever wondered how people can find you on social media? Hashtaging keywords or a topic of interest allows people to magically find you. Hashtags allow your posts to be cataloged by other social networks, which makes your posts searchable to your readers. Here are the top 3 reasons why you should be using hashtags.

Expand Your Reach

Hashtags allow you to reach people who may not know about your business. Any social media user can type in a hashtag and a variety of information will come up under that hashtag. You want to be sure to use hashtags that people are looking up. A great tool to see what hashtags would work best is

Drive Engagement

Since more people can find you with hashtags, this will allow for more retweeting/sharing which will increase your post engagement by 12 to 15 percent. You also want to include a clickable link which also helps increase your post engagement.

Tie Social Media Accounts Together

Using the same hashtag on all of your social media accounts will allow consumers to search one hashtag and see all of your posts. This is the one common identifier that will allow people to find you easier. As a business owner, you should always hashtag your business name in all of your posts.
Hashtags are not just for Twitter anymore. While you want to put hashtags on all of your posts, the key is not to go overboard. Using 3 or 4 on average is good for your postings. Always hashtag your business name and then hashtag whatever topics you may be posting about to help expand your followers on social media.