Should I Sponsor A Community Event?

Sponsoring an event is great for big branded companies, but what about for small businesses?

As a small business owner, I am sure you have been approached to sponsor some type of community event. Maybe it is a festival or perhaps even a networking event, but they all want the same thing: They need your money to increase revenue for their cause. Yes, there will always be pros of sponsoring an event. Your company name will be on their marketing material, banners and social media. You might even get your business name read on stage. Sponsoring an event is great for logo recognition but you are a part of your brand and if no one knows, likes or trusts you, how can it be good for your small business?

As festival season approaches, I challenge you to look at these events differently. Instead of just handing over your hard earned money for your name on a banner consider purchasing a booth at the event. Here’s why!

A booth is going to give you direct access to the community and allow them to get to know you.  People will see your face and associate it with your brand and services.

Create a booth that’s fun for both children and adults.  This will not only bring people to stop by and learn more about your business but also learn about your personality and what it might be like to work with you.

People will get to learn more about your business from the person most passionate about the services you offer: you!  This is a great opportunity to start building trust and shine as an authority in your area of expertise.

People buy from people they know. Simply having your logo and company name on marketing material does not allow people to start to build a relationship with you. So instead of sponsoring the next community event, ask about ways to get involved where you are interacting directly with the community.