5 Things You Should Be Posting on Facebook

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Content is Key on Facebook

Let’s face it. We have all been to Facebook business pages that make you feel like you are being sold to constantly. The fact remains that no one likes to be sold to 100% of the time. Here are 5 things that you can post on Facebook, in addition to your regular sponsored content.

Shareable Content

Facebook readers like to see that you are the industry expert in your business. Find articles that pertain to your business or community and share them on your page. This allows the readers to see various content on your page and lets them know you are connected to your community. Example if you are a photographer, find articles that have tips about how to take great photos or local spots for a fun photo session. They already know you are the expert, but this allows the reader to understand more about your industry.

Behind the Scenes

Take photos of your team or yourself out at events and post them to your page. This adds the personal touch which goes far with Facebook readers. Most Facebook readers love to see what you have going on behind the scenes. Another great idea, if you have birthdays for your employees, post a photo of them with Happy Birthday. You are sure to get many likes and comments of your followers wishing them a very Happy Birthday. For a boutique, photos of items that you just received in the store are great!


For most businesses blogging is essential because it gives you more exposure. This is also great content for social media. Write a blog about various tips or ideas about your business. Blogs simply restate that you are an industry expert. Your followers want to get to know you better. This is an easy way to do just that and create more content for your page.

Go Live

Learning about a product or service from the person most passionate about it goes much further than an image. So take 60 to 90 seconds and Go Live on Facebook and talk about your business. Share any specials you are offering or give them a tip about your area of expertise. This is an easy way to gain more exposure and we all know video is king in social media.


The goal of social media is to drive traffic not only to your page and website but, also to your business. Creating an in store event works great for this. Your event can be anything from a Client Appreciation Happy Hour or an in store promotion. It is also great to partner with other businesses that align well with your business for cross promotion. Example: if you own a salon, have one of your product vendors come in for samples of their products.
There are so many options of what to post on Facebook, just remember the goal is to not always be selling on your business page. On the flip side, people will stop following you if you are posting too much content especially if it is irrelevant. Keep posts to once or twice a day or several times a week but don’t overdo it… everything in moderation.