4 Ways To Create A Successful Event

Let’s Get People Moving at Your Events!

To create a successful event your guests must move throughout the space and engage with either your product or vendor displays.  Have you ever been to an event and people are just standing around holding their complimentary wine and fruit plate? Did you have a good time?  Probably not!  Every event should have its own flare. Here are four great ideas to create an interactive event and ensure your guests don’t huddle at the refreshment table!



Let’s start with the room set-up.  This is extremely important when you want your guests to move through your space. Create walk ways (either with tables or rope) to guide your guests to those items or areas that you want to showcase without having to verbally instruct them. Additionally, create more than one area for refreshments with one or two different drinks or snacks at each so guests don’t huddle in one area.  When vendors are displayed a strategic set up is paramount to ensure they are getting adequate exposure!

Vendor Passport

If you have vendor tables are your event, creating a Vendor Passport will ensure your guests visit each table. Here is how the vendor passport works. When your guests check into your event, give them their passport which is a sheet of paper with spaces for their name at the top and blanks for signatures of each of your vendors.  Let your guest know they must have all vendors sign the passport and return it for a prize drawing. This is a fun way to ensure your guests speak to your vendors. The prizes can either be donated by the vendors, sponsors or the organizer.

Treasure Hunt

Doesn’t everyone love a good treasure hunt? As the organizer you will hide 2 or 3 of the exact same thing (“treasure”) throughout your event space.  As guests arrive show them the “treasure” they are hunting and let them know the game has begun!  Everyone who finds the “treasure” wins a prize.  A treasure hunt is particularly great for boutiques or retail store events as guests will be more inclined to walk throughout the entire shop and check out all of the merchandise.

Mystery Guest

Why not add a little bit of mystery to your event? Before the event has begun select one person that will be in attendance and ask them to be the mystery guest. As your guests arrive tell them they need to find the mystery guest to win a prize.  The mystery guest is not to reveal him or herself until the coordinator asks (ideally at the end of the event) for the mystery guest to stand. At this time the mystery guest is to reveal the name of the person that asked them first if they were the mystery guest. This game is sure to get people networking and moving around your space.
A strategic set up and these games create an environment that encourages interaction with your product, vendor guests and other guests. Select the one (or all) that works best for you and give it a try. Integrating these games into your event along with a great set-up is sure create a memorable and successful event!