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Shooting Star Promotions, Inc. assists business owners with growth through a la carte marketing services. This allows business owners to pick and choose the services that are best for their company to ensure growth.

Customized service plans are available for every business to guarantee you are spending your marketing dollars wisely. Whether you need events, brand awareness, social media, or email marketing, Shooting Star Promotions assists you with greatness.

Shooting Star Promotions, Inc. has helped start-up and established businesses with business development and marketing services for 15+ years. We pride ourselves in assisting business owners with a successful marketing plan.


We work with local businesses, many of them retail shops, to identify potential customers and draw them to your store.

Social Media Management

Do you ever find yourself frustrated on what or how to post on your social media channels?

Shooting Star Promotions, Inc takes the headache out of social media. We post different types of content to ensure you reach target audience as people respond differently to different types of posts and content. We post across all of your social media channels to ensure you are found right where you next client is looking.

Social Media Advertising

People spend an average 2 to 3 hours a day on social media. Market your business where people spend time to guarantee they see your message.

Shooting Star Promotions, Inc creates a variety of sponsored content ads that run on Facebook, Instagram, and/or LinkedIn. Prospects engage with you when they are on social media. Using a variety of ads reaches all your target audience as people respond differently to different types of ads.

Email Marketing

Stay top of mind with email marketing. Social media is a great way to get in front of customers, but more people actually buy from email marketing. Email marketing enables you to create a relationship with your client instead of them always feel like they are being sold to.

For the best results, we recommend a combination of email marketing and social media because this gives your business the best exposure and deepens client relationships.

Event Promotions

Stressed about getting people to attend your upcoming event because you are also trying to manage all the moving pieces for the event?

Shooting Star Promotions, Inc. knows all the tricks to get people interested in and attending events. We use a variety of social media posts and advertising to reach your target audience and ensure they know about your upcoming event. We  ensure your online event information is complete and clear.

What Our Clients Say

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Sample Pricing

All our marketing plans are customized to business needs, but here are our basic plans.

good social media management package


$700 /month
  • 2 platforms
  • 2 posts per week
  • 1 ad to targeted audience
  • Engage followers/community
  • Includes advertising costs
  • Management of accounts
better social media management package
best social media management package


$1,250 /month
  • All social media platforms
  • 5 posts per week
  • 3 ads to targeted audience
  • Engage followers/community
  • Includes advertising costs
  • Management of accounts

Examples of Our Work

Not sure what we do? Check out some of the work we have done for a few clients.

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